Rose Colored Clouds…

This one is from my back yard early one morning last week. I just love how the air is tinted pink. One of my most favorite things….

If you have some sunrise/sunset pictures you want to share, link them to me, I’ll post them! ┬áHope you have a GREAT weekend and have time to take in a beautiful sunrise/sunset.

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Chocolate addict, endurance athlete & romance author, not necessarily in that order. Except the chocolate part. :) Rep'd by Nicole Resciniti
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4 Responses to Rose Colored Clouds…

  1. That is a stunning sunrise!

  2. Rachel says:

    I love your photo. What beautiful colors. I am watching the snow fall here in NY. It is pretty to see white all over the trees. But it would be nice to see warm weather again.—Rachel

  3. Very beautiful shot, Lynn. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen either a sunrise or sunset. Actually, I get to catch a sunrise sometimes, but I’m usually at work when it happens and I don’t get to enjoy it much. Thanks for sharing.


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