What’s on your to-read list?

I finished an Advanced Reader Copy of STRENGTH, by Carrie Butler this week (CLICK HERE To see it in Goodreads)

Now, with a cover like THIS:

My expectations were pretty high. I mean, that cover ROCKS, right?

Well, it totally met my expectations. Such a unique storyline. Just loved it.

Oh, and WALLACE! **whew**

Can’t wait for this to go live in March 2013 so you all can get your copy.

Yay for New Adult novels!

Love it!

*****So, what’s on your TO READ list these days?******

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3 Responses to What’s on your to-read list?

  1. D’aww… thanks, Lynn! :) This post made my weekend!

    As for what’s on my TBR list… Violet Midnight, of course! I plan on tackling it after I finish Finding Claire Fletcher by Lisa Regan. :D

  2. Amy Eye says:

    Very nice!! I’ll check it out!!! :)

  3. Yes Lynn “Strength” sounds and looks like a great read!!! And I have added it to my to read list. You ask what I have on my to read list lol….. That is quite a list so I decided to just leave you with the link lol…… http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/5493167?shelf=to-read
    Happy reading and writing*

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