A week of thanks…

It’s Thanksgiving this week, so I’m spending this time focusing on that…

Here’s day one of my week of thanks. I hope you share along this week, I’d love to know what’s happening with you all!



I just got back from Iowa yesterday. All the family got together one last time in the house my sweet hubby grew up in. Since Lynn’s passing, the house has been sold, so we all gathered together to remember her. Remember the house. And just be together in that house one last time. It really reminds me how important family is. Through the tough times and the good times, they’re there. For that I’m very thankful!

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4 Responses to A week of thanks…

  1. What a sweet moment for your family.

  2. That is great Lynn that your family came together to celebrate her life and not her death. I have been trying to make my sons understand that when I am called home, that I want them to bury me as cheap as they can and then throw a party and celebrate my life instead of morning my death. I don’t believe in spending a fortune for a funeral and have told then that I don’t want one. Just put me in the ground and say a prayer and go on. Celebrate life not death! God bless you and your family!
    One this first day of the week of thanks, I give thank for my Lord and Savior and all that he is and has done for all of his children!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. What a great way to come together and remember her. :)

  4. Family is all important. Would that we all knew one that indeed was there throughout our lives. In lieu of that, it is wonderful when others let us into their moments of celebration. Thanks, Lynn.

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