3,100 mile bike ride update

dads-bike-picture2My dad is almost five hundred miles into his journey across America. Can you believe it? He’s raised over $20,000.00 so far! It’s amazing.

He rode through Phoenix on Sunday, so Charlie and I met up with him and biked about 47 miles with him.

It was such a blast even though we had a 20 mph headwind at times.

In case you haven’t read his story, you can see both parts by clicking links below:

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For the most part, things are going well. Some predicted aches and pains from riding a road bike  over 100 miles per day. He is having a little unexpected foot pain, but my sweet hubby, who’s a physical therapist,  took good care of him when he stopped through Phoenix.

So, keep my dad, Don, in your prayers. He has a long way to go until he gets to Florida.

He’s such an inspiration.


I’m curious — who inspires you? I’d love to hear your stories.


5 thoughts on “3,100 mile bike ride update

  1. Who Inspires me? My kids…and the unexpected relationships that develop, for a moment, a short time or a life time, that I am blessed to have on this journey of life.

  2. I was going to ask if he’s planning on coming through Nebraska. (Probably not if he’s going to Florida.) I’d tell you to have him stop by and say, “Hey!”

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