A Few From the Shoot…

Last week I experienced something I never thought I would.

Oh heck, what I haven’t thought I’d ever experience ANY of this writing/author thing–but this was just plain fun.

And scary.

And exciting.

And tiring.

Okay, you get my drift.

Here are a few photos from my very first EVER photo shoot.

I mean, there was a make-up artist and everything. The amazing ORI BROWN did my make-up and hair. Did you know her name means LIGHT?  I mean, HOW PERFECT.

If you’ve read Wasteland, you’ll know what I mean by that.  🙂  If you haven’t read it, run out and get it, because AWAITED (book 2) comes out in May and one of these pictures will be on the back of the book.

Now, this was quite an experience for someone who doesn’t even own a hair dryer.

Yes, you read right.

Since the photo shoot, I’ve gone out and purchased one, but for the previous four years before that…yeah, no hair dryer in the Rush household.

Bonnie Adams the amazing photographer did a great job helping a newbie like me to the point of moving my hand to where it had to be, or my feet.  Until I got the hang of it.

I am so grateful for her patience.

And for my publicity dynamo team: DM and Doug Collins. They take GREAT care of me.


Hey, over the weekend I found out I’m nominated for Favorite Author over at GraveTells’ February 2012 Readers Choice Awards. CLICK HERE to come vote! THANK YOU, GraveTells for nominating me. I’m super honored to be considered!

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8 Responses to A Few From the Shoot…

  1. Kendall Grey says:

    The pics turned out great! Can’t wait to see which one ends up on AWAITED. Good luck on the Grave Tells votes. Will pimp for you. 🙂

  2. Ciara Knight says:

    Pics look great, Lynn! You are rocking the publishing world! You go, girl.

  3. Your photos turned out great! And no hair dryer? The horror. Even I need a hair dryer!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Love the pcxs. Already voted

  5. Ralene says:

    Great pics, Lynn! How fun!

    I don’t own a hair dryer either, haven’t for like 8-10 years.

  6. Lovely!!!!! You’re so pretty! 😉

  7. nancy stryker says:

    Love the pix, especially the blue hair streaks!

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