Advice Time . . .

This past weekend, I completed some questions for an interview that will air soon. Some of the questions were really hard for me to answer.

A good hard, though. They got me thinking.

I thought this one would be fun to ask you guys :

What is the best advice ever given to you?

To find out how I answered, you’ll have to wait for the interview. . . I’ll let you know when it’s getting published.

But in the mean time, I’d love to hear some of the best advice you’ve ever received. Who knows, someone who reads this post today might benefit from the advice you’ve gotten.


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9 Responses to Advice Time . . .

  1. danicaavet says:

    The best advice I was given was at my very first RWA chapter meeting. It was a chapter I ended up not joining, but one lady told me “NEVER throw away something you’ve written. You may end up using it one day.” To this day, I keep every little story idea I’ve had on file and look them over when I’m short on ideas.

  2. Wow! Great question. The best advice I ever recieved from another person was probably a woman on the streets of New Orleans who told me that I needed to value what other people gave to me, even if I expected a rose and got a plastic flower. 🙂

  3. Danae says:

    Real friends stab you in the front…’s an Oscar Wilde quote but it has always applied to my life and most likely why i forgive relatively easily.

  4. Ciara Knight says:

    Stop stressing about it today, because tomorrow will take care of it. (And God) Which I added. 🙂

  5. Michele says:

    “Don’t burn any bridges cuz you just never know…”

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