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Mondays are monumental #TheRunningWriter

Mondays are monumental.


Most of the memes you see online about Monday are of cats dragging, sad doggy faces, or something of that nature.

We fight Mondays don’t we? I think we’re almost programmed to, now, huh?

Well. I’m all about perspective. It can make or break my attitude. So when it comes to Mondays, let’s renovate our thoughts to, “I get to do this.”

I get to work to earn fun weekend adventures.

I get to do something productive with my time.

I get to do this!

I heard that last one during a leadership lesson at work, and it rocked my world.

Looking at work (or Mondays) through the eyes of appreciation makes things much easier. I can tolerate the little annoyances more when it’s filtered through graciousness.

I have a job instead of unemployment.

I get to serve others.

I get to mentor others.

I get to …..

It’s an honor and a responsibility to have a job. So let’s tackle this Monday with a smile of appreciation and have a super day!!

Don’t be a grumpy diamond. #TheRunningWriter

Don’t be a grumpy diamond.


You’ve probably heard that pressure makes diamonds, right? And diamonds are super strong. So we should be strong, too, dealing with all life’s pressures.


I believe pressure can make us stronger. The things that happen to us, both good and bad, can build up our reality muscles. Make us strong so we can face off with anything.

Constant, unrelenting pressure in our lives is not ideal. We do need a reprieve once in a while to recharge. So it’s super important to find the opportunity to do that and take it. And enjoy it.

I know that when I’m starting to get fried from the constant pressure of life demands, I get a little short tempered and irritable. What does your fried look like?

Don’t ignore those signs. Be aware of them and take action. Otherwise you’ll be a grumpy diamond 😀

Stay strong my friends.

Stand your ground. #TheRunningWriter

Stand your ground.


I hear that phrase a lot, but what does it really mean?

Stand your ground.

Like just stand where you are? And do what? Look around? Wave to people?

So it’s more of a figure of speech. More like defend what you believe in. Things you hold dear to your heart.

That’s all good, but one thing to remember is to respect other “grounds.” I might not agree with someone on issues, ways of life, or behaviors, but I shouldn’t be kicking dirt and rocks onto their ground.

And neither should they.

We can disagree and still be cordial. Still treat each other with respect. Just because I don’t agree with someone doesn’t give me the right to bash or treat them poorly.

So yeah, stand your ground, but don’t stomp on people while you’re standing your ground. We’re called to love, not judge.

Dare you to move #TheRunningWriter

Dare you to move.


I promise I’m not going to copy in all the lyrics of this awesome Switchfoot song, just this one part:

I dare you to move. I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor.

What goal out there are you wanting to do but are too scared? Is the fear and insecurity holding you down? Do you think you just can’t do it?

I dare you to do it.

I triple dog dare you!

All joking aside. Taking the next step toward your goal—or just daily living for some of us—can be super scary. I get that. But we’ve got to try to keep moving forward.

Even if that step forward is a millimeter, a centimeter or a giant step.

Just keep moving forward. I dare you.