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#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Stare at the solution, not the problem.


We sometimes tend to zero in on what’s wrong or hurting or what’s scaring us that we forget to look for a solution. A way out of the slump.

It’s especially difficult when you’re surrounded by people who are also staring only at their problems.

You’ve heard the phrase misery loves company, right? That phrase makes me think that it’s almost like we become defined by our problem, pain or illness.

Dare I say we can even need it.

And by need, I mean we need what comes with the problem such as attention, comfort, friendship. It soon becomes the only way we know how to interact with people. The only thing we converse about. The only thing we think about.

That’s not the case with every issue, hear me on that, but it can morph into that if we aren’t careful.

It’s a vicious cycle that can be difficult to break. And the first step is realizing it. There’s a bit of freedom when we see that there might be something else behind our issue(s).

Our eyes become more open, and then the chains around us start to weaken.

With each small step we become stronger. We become known for something other than our problem(s).

We become known for who we truly are. Our likes. Our joys. Our opinions. Not what’s hurting us or what’s wrong with us.

Our issues might not ever fully go away, I get that.

But to be defined by something other than our problem, pain or illness, can actually help our problem, pain, or illness.

Help us attain relief.

What’s your first step toward freedom?

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Find your center.


For me, I get up early and do some God-time with a short devotion and meditation. It gets me ready, starts me off on a positive and uplifting note.

With that as some of the first things I experience in a day, how could I not have a great rest of the day, right?

But if I get up late, and I’m in a frenzied rush off to whatever my day holds, it feels like the rest of my day is nuts, too. Little things throw me off kilter. Or frustrate me more than normal.

Getting centered is different for each person. But you’ve got to find your thing, and once you do, you’ve got to stick with it. Get into a routine. Because then, if you’re nice and centered each morning, it takes a lot to knock you down throughout the day.

So what gets you centered?

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Kick the attitude to the curb.


I was driving the other morning, and a car zoomed up behind me. Soooo close I was getting nervous.

Once I fought through my urge to slow down and “teach him a lesson,” I looked for a chance to get over and did so. Right away.

And safely.

The car zoomed by, then it whipped around the next car, cutting another one off.

Now, I’m not a slow driver, by any means. So I know my speed wasn’t the issue. I have no idea what was going on with that driver.

But two things I was able to control in that situation: me and my attitude.

I could have done a number of naughty things as a result to the attitude I thought this driver was throwing my way. But, really, what would that have solved?

Would the driver had slowed down, started driving carefully because I glared at him or waved at him with one finger?


Would the driver have graciously stopped tailgating and let other people in front of him?


And that’s ok. It was that driver’s issue. Not mine.

I have enough junk on my mind, I don’t need to take on driver education frustrations for some stranger, too.

That thinking kept my attitude from taking a dive into anger and frustration.

And I’m glad. Because I’m much more fun to be around when I’m not all attituded-out.

Yep. That’s my new word. I’m a writer so I can make up my own words, right?

But seriously. We don’t need to take on the weight and emotions of another person’s actions. We don’t need to let them drag us down. And we certainly don’t need to let it put a negative ripple in our day.

That’s giving other people way too much power over us, huh?

Stay strong and make it a great day, my friends.

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Give bad days a black eye.


If a bad day tries to sneak in and ruin your day, punch it hard.

Right in the face.

Don’t let it take hold of you. Don’t give it that power.

The other day I had a series of clumsy and frustrating things happen. You know the days where you drop your toast and, OF COURSE, it lands peanut butter side down.

Before 10am I was at work, joking that I should go home before I hurt myself or someone else.

But that joke saved me. I literally started telling people the crazy little things that’d gone wrong and we laughed. The frustration and impatience that stemmed from the incidents vaporized.

So when things are frustrating, whether it’s little annoyances to huge things, we can’t let it ruin us for the day.

Don’t give it that power.

I know we can’t laugh everything off, but we can find some people to talk things through with. It might even help lighten the load you’re carrying.

You are not alone.

You are strong.

You are worth it.