Hey all you bloggers out there. While you’re out surfing the net, have you ever stumbled across a fantastic site? Something that impacted you? Maybe a sweet picture or a mind altering story? Or just something that inspired you?

Since I’m a writer, I’m often expected to be all deep and creative, able to find depth in almost anything, right?  Yeah, not so much.  Sure, when I get on a roll on one of my books, that’s a whole different ballgame.  Much to my husband’s dismay, I’ve been known to pull an unexpected late night when I get an idea or thought in my head.

But, on an everyday basis, I pretty much just coast through the day. Not with my head in a cloud, mind you, but more just doing my day job then takin’ care of business around the house.

You may be asking, “Ok, Lynn, what’s this got to do with your opening paragraph and title Billy Coffey?”

Hold on, I’m getting there.

So…while I was out blogging one day, I don’t really remember how I stumbled across Billy Coffey’s site, but I did. And boy am I glad.

I think one of the first posts of his I read was about a spider. Yeah, you might think, “So, what’s the big deal?” Yeah, well, Billy has this crazy ability to bring depth to every day things.

Seriously, it’s uncanny.

On his post Carrying Essentials, I was amazed to see how he thought into what he carried in his pockets.  I mean, seriously, you’d think it was a trivial topic, right? What we carry in our pockets or if you carry a purse, I guess you could think about that.

I encourage you to go read the Carrying Essentials. I bet you’ll bookmark his blog.

So, go check it out and come back and let me know what you think.

Have  a great day everyone!

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6 Responses to BILLY COFFEY

  1. Hi Lynn,
    Billy is a great read. It’s like opening a Max Lucado devotional — only it’s Billy-style. It’s one of the first things I do in the morning: read his stuff. I came across him through High Calling Blogs. His blog was listed, and we are encouraged at HCB to pick a few blogs to follow. I thought “What I Learned Today” sounded interesting enough so I stopped by. I was so impressed with his writing and message, that I haven’t stopped stopping by. … Have a great day, Lynn, and a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. Billy Coffey says:

    My thanks to you, Lynn, and you, Jennifer, for your kind words. I’m very humbled, and hope you both continue reading.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. gzusfreek says:

    Lrush, I can se why you featured Billy Coffey today. I really, really think his writing is great! I hope to visit and, by osmosis, learn a thing or two from him. Thanks for featuring him. I like how Jennifer compared him to Max Lucado. I agree. I really follow MLucado as much as possible. I’m adding BCoffey to that list!

  4. Avily says:

    I’ve seen Billy’s comments on your blog several times, but hadn’t yet gotten around to checking out his. Now I guess I have to! 🙂

  5. Lynn Rush says:

    Jennifer: Great comparison with Max Lucado. Spot on!

    Billy: You’re more than welcome.

    Gzusfreek: Oh yeah, glad you found his site. It’s worth a daily visit.

    Avily: Yep, another to add to your blogroll, girl. 🙂

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