Writing Retreat…

I’ve started a new project (and yep, my little friend, Alastair, that you’ve been seeing all over Instagram might make an appearance) so I’ve jetted off to beautiful Sedona AZ for some power writing!!

How can I not be inspired by these beautiful sites:


Hope you’re having a great day wherever you may be. :)



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Paranormal Author Takeover!

Vampire TakeoverI’m super excited to take part in the VampireForums.com Paranormal Author Takeover today!

There are TONS of authors participating in this HUGE event. I’m on today at 2pm EST. I hope you stop by. I’ll have a few little giveaways, so spread the word.

Happy Reading, my friends!


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Into The Woods…

Into the woodsSo, who’s seen INTO THE WOODS?

When it first came out, I wasn’t exactly excited to see it. And had I known it was a musical…for SURE I wouldn’t have seen it.

But a few friends mentioned they wanted to see it, so I figured I’d risk it to hang out with some friends.

The company was WAY better than the movie, put it that way.

Overall, I think I didn’t like it because I don’t like musicals. So that was a big part of it. The acting was fine, singing fine, special effects fine…. But I didn’t like the humor, nor where they took the “Happily Ever After.” In my mind, it wasn’t a happily ever after, and I didn’t like how they changed up the fairy tales.

But, I’m a romantic. So…to each his own.

So tell me, what’d YOU think of the movie?


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Big Wigs Night at the Museum

Martha Meyers quote1 copyWow! Today I’m super lucky to feature a remarkable woman here on Catch the Rush!

Not many people get to read about the insider information here, so check out these FUN and AMAZING facts from the original BIG WIG Martha Meyers!

  1. She was involved with the MN Children’s Museum for 10 years on their board – 3 as chair! So smart of C’MON to approach her when she became a full-time resident of Naples! She was instrumental in transitioning the board from a capital raising to operational board, and she’s been on the board for 4 years, including being involved in the original Gala and the 1st Night at the Museum event.
  1. She understands the importance of having a children’s museum in a community. In her own words, she expands on this. “Creating a life-long love of learning among our youngest citizens enriches our entire community.”
  1. She credits Andy Marquart (former executive director) and Sandi Wilson for the idea, A Night at the Museum, but we have Martha to thank for the execution of the first event!
  1. Last year her favorite part of the event was the casualness, the opportunity to education the guests about what children museums are, and the ‘Right On’ Band.
  1. When asked if she has a favorite part of the museum, she said, “The Graffiti Wall which was part of last year’s Night at the Museum (coming in January).”

Stop by The Golisano Children’s Museum of Naples and check out the Graffiti Wall!

Now, for the fun, fast round of super cool info about Martha!

Coffee of tea? … water

Morning of evening? … morning

Chocolate or vanilla? … coffee

Oceans or pools? … pools

Pink or black? … Pink and black

Martha Meyers pic1 copy…and here’s the coolest part about the whole feature! Martha is the oldest of 13 (yours, mine, ours, and them!). 11 grew up together! …AND she was a MN State Senator very involved in Education at the state level!

So… here’s why we’re super excited about this event! We get to meet BIG WIGS like Martha Meyers who take the time to chat with inquiring minds about all these fun facts!

Thank you, Martha!

… and now for the giveaway…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Always be in fashion with a C’mon t-shirt! See Rafflecopter details to enter!

Please call 239-260-1714 or visit cmon.org for tickets or sponsorship information for Big Wigs Night at the Museum.

Thanks for your support, my friends!


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Bikes Fight Poverty #cycling

whyrideAs most of you know, my sweet mother in law lost her life to cancer, which is why I’ve always supported cancer research and treatment through the proceeds of my Lynn Rush books.

I’ll continue that tradition, but this year, I’m also adding poverty to the list.

And, it’s not my books doing the earning…it’s my bike!

Yep, my husband and I are biking to Mexico to raise money. We’re joining 1Mission and 207 miles and will be biking 100 miles per day to fight poverty.

We get to help raise money not only for a HOUSE for a family who needs one, but valuable life skills training to know how to manage and keep that house we’re building for them. That’s KEY in how we got involved in this.

Building a house for someone who needs one—great—but what happens after? If there isn’t some ownership and skills training associated with the house…they’ll just end up where they were again.

Check out the video from last year’s amazing ride:

(Or click here to see the video on Vimeo)

I hope you’ll consider supporting us and this wonderful cause.

CLICK HERE to view our fundraising page. Please spread the word, every little bit helps!!

Thanks, my friends!



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