#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Keyboard courage can create catastrophes.


Isn’t it amazing what we’ll type versus what we’ll say to someone face-to-face?

Think about that.

In my opinion, keyboard courage is one of the most destructive things out there. Typing something to a person you can’t see detaches you from the moment, the emotion. Gives you an odd sense of empowerment almost.

And that can create a cyber bully.

Discussions and differences in opinions are natural. Engaging. But online, they can turn viscous with just a few ill-written, attacking keystrokes.

Be the difference out there, my friends. Write uplifting and positive words, because they may be exactly what someone needs to read at that very moment.

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Failing can be fantastic.


Failing at something is not fun. It can lead to feeling inadequate. Embarrassed. Can even get you laughed at and questioned.

But that’s ok. Let people laugh. Let them point their finger and whisper. That kind of behavior is most likely stemming from envy of your courage.

Didn’t Thomas Edison say he didn’t fail a bunch of times creating the lightbulb, just found lots of ways to not do it?

Go with that viewpoint when you try something and it doesn’t work out. And keep trying, because it might eventually turn out to be fantastic.

My last 50k race I had a DNF (Did Not Finish). I’ve never not finished a run. It hurt my pride, my heart, and messed with my head a little.

But I was out running again the next weekend. AND I’m running another 50k next Saturday.

From my DNF I learned more about nutrition and hydration, and I’m stronger because of it. Tougher. Wiser.

I won’t lie. I’m a bit nervous for the race, and questions like, “What if I DNF again?” float around my head once in a while.

But I crush them down with, “I will finish.” “I am strong.” “I’ve done the training.”

If you think you will fail, I believe the chances of failing actually go up. A lot of what we do is mental toughness, and if we’re tearing ourselves down, we’ll go down, too.

So go get ‘em my friends!

Join the Lynnsanity!

Run 31 miles with me!

All it takes is donating either 25-cents or 50-cents per mile to St Jude Children’s Hospital (link below) and I’ll put your name on my shoe for the 50k race I’m doing this Saturday March 24th.

That’s $7.75 or $15.50.

You got this. Let’s kick cancer’s butt!!!


#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Give your way to a full heart.


It seems weird that you need to give away to fill your heart, but I find it’s true.

It’s not always giving money or things away, either. It’s my time, too. I tend to hold onto my things, my time and my money a bit too tightly. At least I used to.

But then I heard a great message about finding where your heart truly lies by looking at your bank statements and your calendar.

It was eye opening and very convicting. There was a lot of me, me, me and I want, I want, I want in those two places.

When we’re constantly focused on our stuff, obsessing about our lives and our needs, never looking around us, we tend to hyper-focus on what’s wrong with us. What we don’t have.

Then we work even harder to get, get, get because we feel like something’s missing. Almost like it’s impossible to be content unless we work harder. It’s weird. Because we have so much.

But the minute you start looking around you, letting go of your tight hold on things, it’s amazing what you see.

And then when you start helping others around you, again either by giving your things, money and/or time, it’s almost as if the tight grip around your chest loosens. Your world seems a little brighter. A little less tense.

Don’t take my word for it. Give it a try. What’s one small way you’ll give your way to a full heart today?