I’ve found that if I start my day acknowledging the good stuff in my life, the rest of the day goes along better.

It’s like the positive start gives me a better outlook, so the challenges of the day that might come up aren’t so overwhelming.

Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for you, and I hope you have an amazing day!



I run in the dark a lot now that it’s winter. With just a little headlamp and knuckle lights, I can hardly see the trail before me.

Just enough to take my next, little step.

Life can be like that, too. You’re not sure where you’re going. Where one step might lead. It can be scary.

When I was wondering what to do next after I’d written my very first novel, my best friend told me, “Take the next step.”

Those four words changed my life. I didn’t know where that next step would lead, but I took it.

Not everything has been sunshine and roses, but I’m glad I took that next step. And I’m very thankful for that advice.

So, I wanted to share that it with you guys. Take the next step.


We all have different views and opinions. We’re human, and we’re all unique, that’s what make life interesting.

If we were all clones, life would be pretty dull, right?

One thing we need to remember, though. Just because a person has a different opinion than you or is different than you, it doesn’t give you permission to judge them.

I believe we are called to love people. Even if we disagree with someone’s opinion, they still deserve kindness and respect.

It doesn’t mean you agree with them, it just shows respect.

There’s enough judgement and bullying out there, let’s be the change.