#RT15 was a blast

I had a GREAT time at RT this year. Got to meet so many new people!! The highlight, I think, though, is that I got to finally meet my super agent in person! To give her a hug in person…amazing. Totally worth it.

I got to meet up with Wendy Russo, Kary Rader, and Rachel Firasek, fellow CMP authors I’ve known for years, but just now got to give hugs! It’s all kinds of awesome.

Here are some pictures. And because I don’t know how to put them in order from day one to day five…they are in random order. LOL.

I had a blast. Big thanks to the Hyatt for taking great care of us with awesome room, good food, and great customer service. RT for putting on a fantastic program of classes and times to interact with readers.

Until next time…Happy reading, my friends!



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#RT2015 Meet and Greet

Come hang out with us on Wednesday at the hotel bar. I’ll be with Anna Banks, Rachel Harris, Lea Nolan & Ayesha Patel!  It is buy-your-own beverage, but it’s sit-down time with the authors to discuss anything and everything.

Should be a blast!!

Pop Art illustration of woman with the speech bubble.P


Can’t wait to see you all at RT!!


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Pre-orders and Parties!

ReleasePartyFBPartyThis awesome boxed set of YA/NA novels is coming June 2nd, 2015.  ***BUT*** if you want to for sure get it for $0.99, you need to head over to Amazon and pre-order it right now.

Prices can change  come release day, so CLICK HERE for a direct link to Dirty Boys of Summer on Amazon. Plus, if you pre-order it you’ll earn extra entries on our massive giveaway we have going on right now (the giveaway is below & we’re adding prizes randomly, so keep checking back!)

**AND there’s more!**

Facebook Party! CLICK HERE to RSVP for the Facebook Party on June 2nd. It’s going to be epic. There’s even an entry on the giveaway just for you if you RSVP for the party!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Reading!

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Watcher of the Realms

AlastairYou’ve probably been seeing my little Alastair out and about on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. He even shows up in a VLOG here.

It’s been fun venturing into the world of Middle Grade writing. And you know what? I love it! Now…let’s hope there’s a publisher who loves my story as much as I do, right?

I shared the tagline on my VLOG, but here I’ll share a little bit more here….

Watcher of the Realms is for those who enjoy James Patterson’s Maximum Ride Protector series with a touch of the movie Men in Black.

The boy science created taught the world humanity.

A clandestine group of rebel genetic misfits rescue eleven-year-old Riley from a secret science lab and realize he has uncharted strength and a unique ability to heal people, but his mind has been completely erased.

On his quest to find out what he is, Riley and his new friends are transported to an alien land filled with creatures plucked right from a monster movie. One of those creatures, the King of the Realms, deems Riley’s existence an abomination of nature and declares war with the Realm of the Humans for creating him.

The only way to prevent Earth’s extinction is to find the evil scientists who created him, but with no memory and creatures from other Realms foiling his plans, Earth’s days might be numbered.

So come follow me on Instagram for updates on Alastair’s Adventures. 

Happy Reading,



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Dirty Boys of Summer

SIXTEEN Full-Length Novels!
Only $0.99


I’m excited that my book, FROSTBITE has been included in this Dirty Boys of Summer boxed set.

They’re going to need a little frost in there to cool things down!!

The official release date is June 2nd, 2015, and it’s only available until July 5th, 2015.

Authors / Books Involved:

C.L. Stone: Liar: The Scarab Beetle Series
Lynn Rush: Frostbite
Krista & Becca Ritchie: Kiss the Sky
Julie Prestsater: Before Someday – Part One: The Wait
Dawn Rae Miller: Crushed
Tamara Mataya: The Sowing
Rachel Higginson: Bet on Us
Jen Fredrick: Unspoken
Julie Cross: Letters to Nowhere
Carey CorpC: The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian
Marisa Cleveland: Accidental Butterfly
Opal Carew: Taken by Storm
Jamie Blair: Lost to Me
Avery Aster: Love, Lex (Undergrad Years)
Evangeline Anderson: The Academy
Gennifer Albin: Teaching Roman

Pre-order it today for only $0.99!!

Happy reading, my friends!



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