#TFOB2015 was awesome

I had a blast hanging out at TFOB 2015. I got to meet so many fun people.

I know I’m forgetting some names, but I got to meet Jennifer (a native to Arizona!!), Claire, Alice, Nancy (She’s studying psychology!! My kind of girl), Emily, Hermione, Carrie, Jennifer, Luna, Caitlin, Andria, Stephanie, Sarah, Jordan, Hermione, Olivia, Kryssie, Zuli, Gracie, and Lucy!!

Getting to meet new people who love to read, signing their books, taking pictures with them….Best part of this author gig, for sure!!!

Thanks for stopping by Booth 106. And be sure to stay in touch!

Next adventure… RT Booklover’s Convention in May! Hope to see you there!!



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Book News and #TFOB2015

As of March 31st, 2015, the first publisher who ever took a chance with me and my crazy characters, Crescent Moon Press, is shutting down.

That means, the Violet Night Trilogy and the Wasteland Trilogy will be out of print and the e-book pulled from all sites.

I have a small supply of these books left and will be bringing them down to the Tucson Festival of Books on Saturday March 14th. If you’re around, you can get your copy and I’ll sign it for ya!

We’re at Booth #106, THE DREAMS CONVENTION. I’ll have copies of the Touch of Frost trilogy, Bound by Hades trilogy, and what’s left of the soon to be out of print Violet Dawn/Wasteland trilogies.

Hope to see you there.





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Inspiring One Person At A Time #SelfLove #GlitterMagazine

Honored to take part in this amazing campaign. Check it out:

Follow GlitterMagazine over on Facebook and You Tube to show your support!



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Taking time to smell the roses #GetInspired

My next adventure is running the Grand Canyon! I’m super excited for a couple of reasons.

First, it’s on my bucket list to run down to the bottom of the canyon and back up in one day.

Second, it’s awesome Daddy Daughter time—YEP, my dad is running it with me!

My super coach (and sweet hubby) has me on this wicked awesome (and tough) training plan. And today…I got to do a trail run.

One of my favorite places is Deems Hills Trails. It’s amazing the sites offered right here in the middle of the city. So…I had to do a little video.

Hope you’re having a GREAT day. And remember, take the time to stop and smell the roses. And #GetInspired wherever you can!



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#Cycling to Fight Poverty

WOW!!  We made it! The 207 Miles Ride from Peoria, AZ to the 1Mission Compound just outside Rocky Point Mexico!!

Took us TWO days. 124 miles for the first day and 93 miles the second day. 70+ riders raised over $60,000!!!

***But remember….even though the bike ride is over, fund raising is still going on because the actual house we’re building doesn’t happen until Mid-March! so…CLICK HERE to donate!***

Here are some pictures from the amazing trip!

WHEW!!  Great pictures, great memories. Here’s to 2016.





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