#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Slay the Giants.


Yesterday we talked about identifying the giants in our paths. Today we zero in on how to slay them.

Identifying the giant is the first step, because how can we fix or change something we don’t see?

What we face off with can be internal or external giants. Internal can be my perceived ability to do something — or not do something.

Confidence is a huge giant to overcome for a lot of us. It shows itself to me in forms of doubting questions/statements: What if I fail? People will laugh at me. I’ll look like a dork. What if I’m not strong enough?

Our self-talk can really bring us down a dark path, huh? Working on busting through that self-doubting talk is a great place to start slaying giants.

When you hear the negative thoughts coming into your mind, stop and reverse the thoughts or add on a few more words. Like the examples above could be rephrased to: Hey, at least I tried. People might laugh at me, but at least I’m trying. At least I’m learning. I’ll be stronger for this. I am strong.

And hey, if people laugh at you, laugh with them. Have fun and remind yourself that you’re not perfect and neither are the people laughing at you. We’re going to fail and make mistakes. The sooner you’re ok with that the more freedom you’ll experience.

External obstacles…anything can be thrown at you and can throw you for a loop. Over the previous years, a few of mine have been the unexpected death of my father in law, frequent illness, broken foot or injured hip, etc.

Any one of those could have thrown me into a funk…and actually did a little. Especially the death.

Depression settled over me, affecting my motivation to work, to write, to exercise. Those are three things I love, and they were tainted.

How’d I face off with those giants? I enlisted the help of my close friends to pray for me, meet up with me (even when I didn’t want to go anywhere I met up with them) and hold me accountable.

Having that external accountability of checking in with someone helps. Gets me talking, and talking helps. Getting my feelings off my chest with someone I trust helps me process them and slay them one by one.

Broken foot—having a small goal to strive for helped me get through the struggle of recovery. Because it felt like I’d never overcome the injury if I don’t have a goal. When I didn’t want to do rehab, the goal helped me stay on track.

Overall, slaying the giants takes concrete action and goals. Writing them down then checking them off helps. Having people to check in with keeps you accountable and focused. It breaks the larger goal into smaller ones to check off.

So what’s the small goal you need to set next to slay that giant in your life?

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Bring on the giants.


Obstacles resemble giants. These massively huge blocks in our path, beating us down, preventing us from getting our goal.

These giants can literally be people, they can be life events, and they can even be us.

People telling us we’re worthless or that we’ll never amount to anything. Life events such as the death of a loved one, work or money issues. Ourselves…telling ourselves we’re not capable or we aren’t worthy of reaching our goals.

I say bring on the giants. I’ll slay them one by one. Watch me do it! The obstacles will come, so why not embrace it? Be ready for it?

Whether the giant is someone, something, or yourself, tackle it head on. Use it as motivation to break through it.

When someone tells me I can’t do something, that motivates me to try it. When life throws an obstacle in my path, I break it down and find a way through it. And when I doubt myself, I look back on what I’ve accomplished and I find my strength.

The main thing is to remember you CAN do it. Zeroing in on what is stopping you is half the battle. Once you can see it, then you can tackle it.

You are strong. I believe in you!!

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Let the light shine in.


Ever done something embarrassing or that you’re ashamed of?

**Raises hand**

What’s your first instinct when it comes to something shameful or bad?

Hide it. Cover it up. Bury it.

Lies. Guilt. Shame—They all LOVE the dark. Problem is, it’s all still there, just hidden. It’s not getting dealt with or addressed. Which means it’s festering like a wound that’s going to get infected and spread pain into your blood, affecting other areas of your body.

Let the light shine in on that junk. Then you can see it, address it and move past it. It’s uncomfortable as all get out, but so needed.

Anyone watch the TV series Friends? There’s an episode where Chandler finds Miss OCD Monica’s messy closet.

You remember that one?

The light spilled in on a chaotically messy pile of stuff. Things thrown in there haphazardly. She worked pretty hard to keep that closet hidden.

In the dark.

She was ashamed and worried people would find her secret and freak about it and her.

But the light showered her insecurities in acceptance, along with some laughter and teasing—all good natured laughing and teasing. But the main thing, her friends still loved her.

So will yours. No matter what’s hiding in the dark corners of your life, you can get through it.

Your true friends and family will not leave you.

Let the light shine, my friends.

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Perfection is the enemy.


There’s this great song called Free To Be Me, by Francesca Battistelli that mentions how perfection is the enemy.

That really struck me today. I hear about and see this desire to be perfect everywhere. Mostly online, when we’re posting all the great highlights and fun times of our life.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to focus on those and it helps us stay positive and such. But it can also put a lot of pressure on us to keep things perfect, positive and amazing 24/7.

That’s a lot of pressure. Because we aren’t perfect. Not even close. But if we’re putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect and we fail, which we will, it hits us hard.

And sometimes hard enough to knock us right off our feet so much that we can’t get up.

Now, I’m not saying to start posting all the ugly we see or experience, not at all. I’m just saying to step back from the pressure to be perfect. It’s ok. It’s real. It’s normal. When imperfection hits, we aren’t stupid or bad. We are human.

Let’s grow from it and work on moving forward, getting stronger and learn from our imperfections.