Awaited is on @Radish_Fiction

Fun stuff happening with Radish Fiction and Wattpad.

Awaited, the second novel in the Wasteland Trilogy, is coming out on Radish Fiction. Just uploaded the first chapter.

You might remember this book (series) when it was published over at Crescent Moon Press. Well, I got all the rights back, so I thought I’d put it out there again.

I’m keeping the same cover in honor of the series. This was the first series my mother in law, who passed away from cancer, got to see the first book in….So, it’s kind of special to me. I hope you check it out.

The other news…WATTPAD!

I’ve got a new story over there called CHARGED. It’s never before published material. And…it’s FREE!!

Head over to Wattpad and check it out.

It’s been so fun over there at Wattpad because I get to hang out with the readers more. You can leave comments directly in the story, which are fun!

Stay tuned for more news about the Wattpad party in February. I’m a featured author over there and have a day that I’ll be doing a post. Actually, one of my characters is….So stay tuned.

Have a GREAT day, my friends.


Want to be my Secret Santa?

Come join the first International Secret Santa fun!!

You could be my Secret Santa…or I could be yours. How fun would that be?

I’ve joined up with Agency Sib and friend, Kelly Anne Blount, for this fun adventure, so it’s sure to be a blast.

Check it out HERE and sign up. It’ll be wicked fun! It’s only open for a limited time so spread the word!

Merry Christmas, my friends!



Supernatural book boyfriends

My publisher, Entangled Publishing, is having a Supernatural Book Boyfriend sale…come check out all the out of this world stories…they’re on SALE for one day only!!!

Plus, there’s a big GIVEAWAY….

To find your next book boyfriend…CLICK HERE!

~Happy Reading, my friends!


It’s been a blast writing Trinity’s story for Radish Fiction.

It starts with WINGED:

She had to lose her memory to find her soul…
Pushed through a splice between two realms, Trinity Dawkins lands in the middle of a busy Minnesota street, literally. The trauma has left her blind and amnesia-stricken, but she soon finds sanctuary in the able arms of struggling artist, Jayden Brown.

He seems to almost enjoy, her quirky behavior, voracious appetite, and her incessant curiosity of common things like cars, French fries and cell phones.

But that tolerance is tested when wings unexpectedly burst from her back. To complicate things, the enemies she fled from make their way to earth. Trinity and Jayden are thrown into a battle bound by rules that they don’t understand and may not survive.


If you don’t know about Radish yet, you should try it out. It’s an app on your phone, and you get to read a chapter at a time. How could get any better, right?

Happy reading, my friends!