#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Be an encourager.


It’s awesome to hear that you’ve done a good job, right? I know I love it. Do you remember the last time you heard those words? How’d it make you feel?

Critics are everywhere, their harsh words slicing away at esteem. It can lead to an emptiness. A feeling that we’re never good enough.

We don’t want to spread that. Let’s crack through the shaming and encourage people instead. They’ll feel good, you’ll feel good, and then you’re more open to change.

I know that if I’ve heard encouragement from someone and they need to tell me something I need to work on or change, I’m more receptive.

So, who are you going to encourage today?

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Be lazy.


I bet you don’t hear people telling you to be lazy very often. Or read posts about it.

No. I think it’s quite the opposite, actually. We are all so pressured to go go go.

Do do do.

But that gets way out of proportion to our down-time. If we are always going 100 MPH and don’t take some down time, we’ll crash and burn.

That leads to getting sick, being grumpy, or just plain unhappiness.

So, be sure to carve out a little lazy time each day. Slow down and put your feet up. You’re worth it.

You, and everyone around you, will be grateful.

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Don’t be gasoline.


When there is a fire starting and you throw a bunch of gasoline on it, what happens?

It grows. Spreads. intensifies.

Rumors. Gossip. Lies. They’re kind of like fires. We can either help spread them or we can work to put them out.

I’ve fallen into both categories plenty of times. But my goal is to try and focus on dousing fires instead of feeding them.

Are you going to be gasoline or water today?

#TheRunningWriter QOTD

Follow your cairns.


I’ve been out exploring the desert on these last few runs. They are ATV trails that aren’t marked at all. And I get lost easily. So, I made several cairns to help me find my way home.

If you don’t know, cairns are little piles of rocks that mark the trail so you can find your way.

And boy do I need those out there. But I also need them in day to day life.

Personal cairns for me are my faith, my sweet hubby, and my friends. They help me stay on track and also kick my butt when I’m stepping out of line. Or about to step on a jumping cactus.


I’m so thankful for my cairns. Both on the trail and in my personal life.

Who are your cairns?