Christmas Music Countdown

It’s day two of my top five favorite Christmas songs. . .

Number Four is. . . Emmanuel. Now, a bunch of different people sing this, but I found this version by Selah pretty good. . .



It’s more the words than anything. This is one of my hubby’s faves, too. Do you have a favorite version of this song? Feel free to share the links in the comments section!


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4 Responses to Christmas Music Countdown

  1. Cari Foulk says:

    I love this one, it’s my favorite.

  2. Ciara Knight says:

    This is my fave CHRISTmas song. The band at church played it on Sunday. I tried to find a recording, but couldn’t. Thanks for such a beautiful song to start the day.

  3. Such a pretty song….

  4. sfcatty says:

    I love it, too. I think the version I have here is by Amy Grant. Jillian

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