Christmas Music Countdown

We’re halfway through the countdown of my top five favorite Christmas music.

Number three is: Do They Know It’s Christmas, by Band Aid



I think this song speaks for itself

Have a great day!!


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5 Responses to Christmas Music Countdown

  1. Huh, I’m not familiar with this one!! Hmmm, guess I should listen to more Christmas music, eh?

  2. sfcatty says:

    Love this one too- I remember when it came out- it was awesome for all those folks to “band” together (pun intended) to help w/famine relief. Thanks for the memory, my friend.

  3. danicaavet says:

    I was actually singing this in the shower this morning! LOL It was great and I loved watching the video because when I was little, I loved all the bands represented in it. Hello! Duran Duran! Great song!

  4. Ciara Knight says:

    I loved the song, but had never seen the video. My youngest cried when it was over. “I can’t hear the Christmas music anymore, Mommy!” I told him I’d play more later. 🙂 Thanks, what a great blast from the past.

    Oh, did you see the long ‘rat tail’? ROFLOL

  5. This is a classic…I remember hearing this growing up….It is such a great song.

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