Debate This…Hall & Oates

Hall & Oates is arguably the best duo out there. I know, I’m partial to the 80s music, but, really, what duos have made it the distance these guys have?

Their talent is pretty much undisputed. Strong voices. Creative songs. Maybe not super good videos…but that’s okay in my book. Simple is just sometimes better.


What duo do you think ranks up there as the best? No matter which generation they’re from.


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6 Responses to Debate This…Hall & Oates

  1. Christal Murphy says:

    I agree. I love Hall and Oates. Though I’m not a huge country fan but I’ve always liked Brooks and Dunn and think they were a great duo.

    Oh, hey, let’s not forget Milli Vanilli! Lol

  2. Lindsay says:

    Country singer Jimmy Wayne did a version of the song in 2009 which is good. Not as good as the original by Hall and Oates

  3. I love 80’s music and Hall & Oates is one of the best duo’s. They just don’t make music like that anymore.

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