Four-Word Interview


Hey, everyone. Emma Martin here with my new friend Sammy Lorre!

First of all, I just have to say how much your cover ROCKS, Sammy. Must have been of you right after you fell from heaven, huh? Second, it’s wicked-awesome meeting a real-life fallen angel—your wings are amazing. I’ve seen a lot of crap slaying Vamps for the past three years, so this is pretty cool change of pace!

Nice to meet you, Emma. Ciara raves about you and Lynn. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Vampires? Oh my, are those like demons?

I hope you’re enjoying the release of your story. I haven’t had time to read it yet—stupid Vamps are acting up again and it’s a major time-suck—but I know Lynn has read it. She raves about it. So once things calm down for me, I’m all over the story.

I’m enjoying the release. It’s kinda crazy learning how to use the internet and all.

Okay. You ready?

I think so. *shifts nervously*

Oh, and you guys who are reading this…stick around to the end, there might be a little giveaway…

Emma Martin: Favorite time of day….

Sammy Lorre:  Sunset over the ocean.


EM:   Fondest memory since falling . . .

SL:  When Grace found us


EM:   Favorite food to eat . . .

SL:  Grace’s homemade comfort food.


EM:  If granted one wish. . .

SL:  To return to Heaven.



Okay, let’s show Sammy some love for tackling this Four Word Interview so well. I mean she’s only been on earth for a few months. One lucky commenter is going to get a free electronic copy of Love’s Long Shadow!

Entering is super easy:  –>  Just leave a comment and you’re entered.

Oh, but there’s more. Be sure to watch the TWITTER hashtag:  #LovesLongShadow TONIGHT 8:30PM Eastern Time. I heard a rumor there might be a little twitter party….more prizes, more fun, and who doesn’t love that?

~~~We’ll draw a winner and announce it here Saturday the 15th~~~


Love’s Long Shadow is Available at: Turquoise Morning Press | Amazon Kindle | Smashwords | Bookstrand | All Romance Ebooks/OmniLit

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19 Responses to Four-Word Interview

  1. Lindsay says:

    Sammy I totally love your story and can’t wait to see what’s next for you. That is, if Ciara has the time in her busy schedule to pen the next episode. Just be patient and you will be able to return to heaven, happier than ever.
    And Emma, I’m so glad the Lynn finally found the time to pen your story for us.
    For whomever is keeping score, like I said I have Love’s Long Shadows but would love to be put in the running for Emma’s story.
    Congratulations again, Ciara, for giving us such a wonderful heartfelt story

    • EMMA MARTIN says:

      Hi, Lindsay. Yeah…I hear the first book, Violet Midnight, about me will be out in March 2012!! So we’ll have some fun giving that story away then, huh? 🙂

  2. Sammy- I love sunset over the ocean, too. Doesn’t that make you want to stay?

  3. Sammy Lorre says:

    Thank you so much for having me here today, Lynn and Emma. I wanted to stop in before I left for school.

    Lindsay, I appreciate your warm wishes. I have to keep the faith that Heaven will take me back someday. Ciara told me that Book I of the Battle for Souls series is in the editing phase at Turquoise Morning Press. It is due out in March 2012. You’ll meet my new best friend, Gaby, and learn more about my self-brooding brother.

    Have a great day. I’ll check back after school.

    • Lindsay says:

      I’ve found the a good slap upside the head helps to straighten out a self-brooding brother. At least then he’ll have a good reason to brood.

      • EMMA MARTIN says:

        Lindsay, You crack me. I’ve been known to slap a few people around to “wake them up” before. Sammy just doesn’t come across as the type, though. Hey, Sammy. Need some help with that brother of yours? **grin**

  4. Sammy Lorre says:

    It is one of the most beautiful things on Earth, and feels like a connection with Heaven, but something deep inside tells me I need to go home.

  5. Hi Emma and Sammi! I can’t wait to read both of your stories!!!!!

  6. kendallgrey says:

    Did someone say “ocean”? I’m there! 😉

    Fun interview, guys! You don’t have to enter my name for the book giveaway. I already bought a copy. Yay!

  7. Ciara Knight says:

    Laura – Thanks for stopping in. I know you’ll enjoy Lynn’s story. She’s an awesome writer.

    Kendall – Thanks for the support. It means a lot.

  8. This book sounds great! I hope to read more about Sammy! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the givaway! 🙂


  9. Great interview! It’s hard to put your thoughts into four words but you did it well! I have the book already, so you don’t need to enter me.

  10. Ciara Knight says:

    Jillian – I’m glad you enjoyed

    Erin – You are entered. To increase your chances tweet #loveslongshadow tonight at 8:30PM EST. Thanks for stopping in to meet Sammy.

  11. EMMA MARTIN says:

    Hey, Sammy. Looks like you have some fans. That’s awesome!!! Hope you’re having fun in school — I’ve got a psych exam coming up and I so need to study, but that hottie of mine, Jake, is sort of distracting me….

  12. I like the four word interview! Good stuff, Ciara!

  13. Ciara Knight says:

    Thanks, Alex. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. I love when social media results in cool contest giveaways. Looking forward to the #LovesLongShadow Twitter party tonight. 🙂

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