laughingMy sweet hubby, Charlie, often lets me put his funny antics on display for this segment. And he didn’t let me down on this one.

During our senior year in undergrad at Southwest State University in Marshall, MN, we took Spanish 101.

He hadn’t fulfilled his language requirement yet, so we thought it would be fun to take Spanish together.

Well, we had a test one morning. Pretty basic questions, I mean, it was an introductory class, right? You know, asking who the president of the United States was. What time is it? . . . things like that.

Well, I think Charlie had music on his mind, because he said the President was GEORGE CLINTON.  But of course, we knew the president was BILL CLINTON.

The teacher gave him half credit.


So, what’s your funny story for the day? Come on, let’s share some laughs.


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7 Responses to FRIDAY FUNNIES

  1. Kat says:


    That would be Guillermo Clinton. Not Jorge.

    Yo quiero Taco Bell!

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    KAT—LOL. Me too on the “Yo quiero Taco Bell!” 🙂

  3. Rosslyn says:

    I don’t have a funny story today, but I enjoyed yours!

  4. Jennifer says:

    No funny stories to share just now, but boy, did I enjoy yours!!! Happy Easter, friend.

  5. gzusfreek says:

    Friday funnies – gotta love them!

  6. Eric Richardville says:

    Hi Lynn. I would first like to say that I love your blog. My name is Eric Richardville. I just started a blog about a month ago and I was wondering if I may put your blog on my blogroll and if you like mine will you consider putting me on yours. If not that’s fine too. I am still a fan. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time and for your great stories.

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