Friday Funnies is a chance to share your wild and crazy stories. Whether it’s a personal story or just something that strikes you as funny. Let’s laugh and have some fun, but keep it clean, cuz I’m a watchin’ **wink wink**

Okay, this made me cry I was laughing so hard.

Just ignore the fact that it’s in a different language.



Okay, so you can’t understand what they’re saying–well, unless you speak that language–but it’s still hilarious.


So, what funny story can you tell to make us laugh?


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4 Responses to FRIDAY FUNNIES

  1. says:

    Hm–so many funny things seem to happen that are unexpected and make me laugh. Wish I’d written down more of them. Did find a cute saying the other day in my journal. When my niece, Jenny, was a toddler, we were working on animal sounds and I asked her what a donkey says.

    Do you know?

    Donk, donk, of course.

  2. Kat says:


    I love that bit! The guy in this clip reminds me of the guitar player in my old band.

    He always wore a hat. He always had a drink in his hand. He never wore a shirt. And he always wore flipflops.

  3. christinehusom says:

    Oh, my!

  4. Eric Richardville says:

    LOL. That is hilarious. I can’t tell if the guy was laughing or hurt. Either way that was funny.

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