Start out your Friday laughing ….

Check this out. Okay, it’s in German, but it’s still hysterical. I would completely freak out if this happened to me.


What’s tickling your funny bone lately?


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8 Responses to FRIDAY FUNNIES

  1. Okay … you have a perverse sense of humor. But then, I’ll bet you liked the Three Stooges, too, right? … No?

    Maybe you’re too young for that.

    Anyway, I would be a bit freaked out too, if I suddenly fell into a big water hole.

    Stop by and check out my thoughts. They are many things, but they are certainly me.

  2. Lynn Rush says:

    Chas—I saw this on MTVs top twenty pranks…..I was on the floor laughing. OMG. I’d be like, “hey, my cell phone….” LOL. Happy Friday, Chas.

  3. Kat says:

    That was funny. It could never happen in litigious America though.

    Not without a lawsuit. No one has a sense of humor. 🙁

    Rachelle Gardner is having joke day on her blog today.

  4. Lynn Rush says:

    Kat–You’re so right. They’d be sued in a heartbeat. LOL.

    I saw Rachelle’s blog….I’m dense though, don’t know many jokes. 🙂

  5. Billy Coffey says:

    That was CRUEL. Also, very funny!

  6. hope42day says:

    This is truly YUCKY!!! But funny!!!!!! I think we need a bit more pranking in life. My boss pulled one on me April 1. Good thing I laugh at everything he does. He has a great sense of humor and so do I! Helps days to be less stressful and life to be more fun!!!!!!!!

  7. Tony says:

    Hilarious, but I don’t know if I’d be laughing if it happened to me. I cracked up as soon as I saw the 1st guy on the bike approaching. Felt sorry for the poor doggys though

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