Friday Funnies

How to lick a bowl:





Happy New Years Day!

Here’s to a fun-filled 2010.

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5 Responses to Friday Funnies

  1. Lori Lundquist says:

    SO CUTE!!!!
    Happy New Year! Many blessing to you in 2010, Lynn!

  2. km wilsher says:

    Darling, Happy 2010 :0)

  3. km wilsher says:

    oops, I meant the puppy was darling. . . hee hee. Looks like I called you darling LOL 🙂 oops

  4. Lynn Rush says:

    Lori-KM: Thanks for stoppin by on your New Year’s Day festivities. Here’s to a FANTASTIC 2010 for us all, right? Write on, my friends.

    PS–KM, what, are you saying I’m not a darling? LOL.

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