Friday Funnies

Have you guys seen this yet? It’s taken off like crazy.

Now, I usually don’t watch the early rounds of American Idol because I just get too darned embarrassed for some of the people who try out.

Anyway, this is what I missed on one of the episodes. . . Pants on the Ground.



Have a happy Friday!

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4 Responses to Friday Funnies

  1. danicaavet says:

    Yes!! Actually, I didn’t see it on American Idol since I stopped watching a couple of seasons ago. However, I heard a buzz about it and had to check it out. Laughed, laughed, and laughed. Then, I saw this and it cracked me up all over again.

  2. Kat says:

    I think the B side of this single should be “Get off the Lawn.” 🙂

    Some of these early auditions just crack me up.

    I hadn’t seen this one either, but I’d been hearing about it and meant to check it out. I’m glad you posted it. After a stressful week of deadlines, I needed a good laugh.

  3. KM WILSHER says:

    Kat, LOL. . . that is where this came from. Too funny! Everyone is talking about it. I didn’t know just what LOL

  4. Lori Lundquist says:

    I saw it and loved it. Bless his heart. Worth some smiles!

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