Friday Funnies

Animal Speak. . . .


Hope you have a Happy Day!


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13 Responses to Friday Funnies

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    Aidan, my middle son, loved the dramatic Squirrel. My youngest, Jonathan, loved the kitty on the slide. They both ran screaming when they saw the dog with big eyes. Jonathan said, “Mommy, never show me that picture again!” LOL

  2. sfcatty says:

    Love these- esp the squirrel! Thanks for a cool start to the day! Jillian

  3. danicaavet says:

    Love the opera cat. OMG…LOL Thanks for the Friday laugh, Lynn! Have a great weekend!

  4. Lol! I like the opera cat one. 😉

  5. Love the 1st one w/the little chipmunk. So funny! Happy Friday!

  6. Jus Accardo says:

    Opera cat….OMG… I snorted my coffee 😀

  7. Carman Boley says:

    The squirrel is my fav too! 😀 LOL

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