IRON GIRL 5k and 10 miler

ON Saturday I got to be involved in the Iron Girl race with two of my good friends, Michele and Melissa.  They offered a 5k (3.1 miles) and a 10 miler.  It was Melissa’s first ten mile race. Michele and I ran the 5k then cheered on Melissa in the long race.

The weather was beautiful and we had so much fun. 2100 chicks showed up to run this. It was great fun!!

Lynn, Melissa, and Michele at the start line. It was chilly.

Lynn, Melissa, and Michele at the start line. It was chilly.

Melissa, Lynn, and Michele in front of the AFLAC Duck.

Melissa, Lynn, and Michele in front of the AFLAC Duck.

Michele, Lynn, and Melissa just after Melissa's race.

Michele, Lynn, and Melissa just after Melissa's race.

Lynn and Michele just after we finished

Lynn and Michele just after we finished

It was great fun to get out and exercise with friends and cheer each other on. To me, there’s nothin’ more fun that that…..


So, who’s up for trying a 5k with me next year??


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14 Responses to IRON GIRL 5k and 10 miler

  1. Billy Coffey says:

    Wow, a 5k. Been a while…

  2. Kat says:

    I’d love to do a 5k, but only if you’re walkin’ it and it’s 70 degrees outside. Oh, wait…you don’t live in the arctic tundra like I do. 🙂

  3. Lynn Rush says:

    LOL. Kat, you crack me up. Yeah, you’re ON. We’ll walk a 5k next summer…YOU where you are and ME where I am. It’ll be 70 where you are, but probably 170 where I am. LOL. 🙂

  4. gzusfreek says:

    Thanks for sharing sister superwoman! I’ll do the walking 5k, too! Love the pics!

  5. Rosslyn says:

    Hey! That does look fun. Being able to do things outside in the winter is one of the best things about life in the SW.

  6. Avily says:

    Congrats on making it, Chum!

  7. Kat says:

    I’ve tagged you on my blog Lynn. Hope you don’t mind.

    Here are the rules:

    You link back to the person that tagged you.

    Share 7 random/weird things about yourself.

    Tag 7 people and link to them.

    Leave a notice on their comments letting them know you have tagged them. And the game goes on.

    BTW: I’ve tagged Rosslyn, too. She just doesn’t know it yet. 😉

  8. Gwen Stewart says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Not a runner here…wish I were sometimes! I do workout, but I like aerobics…basically just jumping around. 🙂 I am jealous of your weather. We’re only good for skiing around here right now. *sigh*

  9. Lynn Rush says:

    Hey you guys, thanks for visiting and sharing my excitement for the little race me and my friends did. It’s pretty exciting.

  10. Travis says:

    You’ve been tagged. See my blog for details.

  11. Betty says:

    Hi, I was sent over by Kat from The Long Road To Heaven, she linked you on her current post.
    WOW! 5K! That’s awesome! I don’t think I would be able to do that. I have a friend who does a lot of these walks during the summer. I support her, she always ends up tired but she says she gets a big rush of energy after the walk. Feeling a sense of accomplishment. And says she always has lots of fun doing them.
    Great pic of you gals w/the AFLAC duck 🙂

  12. Glad you had a good time with the run. My son is a CC runner. I had no idea cross country running was an interactive sport. But it is great fun.

    I stopped by from Kat Harris’ blog…you’d been tagged. 🙂

  13. Lynn Rush says:

    Thanks for visiting Better and bloggingexperiments. Hope to see you again soon.

  14. Michele says:

    Sure – I’ll do again next year! Count me in!

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