Musical Monday

I’m always on the lookout for new songs to add to my iTunes library. I mean, music and writing go hand in hand for me. For each novel I write, I make a note of the songs that were playing on my headphones while pounding out the words.

Same with biking.

I can get through a three hour bike ride with just the right songs. There’s just something about music . . .

Anyway…I’ve always been a Kelly Clarkson fan since when she won American Idol all those years ago.

So, when I heard this song on the radio, I had to get it She’s got such a great voice.

Hope you enjoy!


Already Gone, Kelly Clarkson


Happy Monday, everyone!!

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3 Responses to Musical Monday

  1. Jill says:

    Great song! I’ve heard it on the radio, but never knew it was Kelly Clarkson.

  2. I wish I could listen to music when I write. It becomes a distraction for me though. I need absolute silence–so I do wear headphones, but only to block out background noise.

    Biking though, another story altogether :).

    Yes, good song. I wasn’t a big fan of hers in the beginning of her career. But her music has grown on me.

  3. She does have a lovely voice. Sad song, though. Does she look different? Must be the hair.
    Hope your Monday rocks, Lynn!

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