Musical Mondays

Never Going Back to Ok, The Afters



This song has kinda rocked my world lately. I found out about The Afters from a friend I met at the ACFW conference.

I’m hooked.

They have a catchy way about their music. And the words for this song, well, click on the lyrics and you’ll see. They are great. Challenging too!

My favs are:

I feel alive

And it hurts for a change

And looking back and it’s hard to believe

That I was cool

With the days that I wasted complacent and tasteless and bored but

That was yesterday


Wow, can we say CHALLENGE?


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3 Responses to Musical Mondays

  1. KM Wilsher` says:

    Yep. Love those lyrics. And “The Afters”? Very catchy. Thanks Lynn!
    Comin back from Colorado tonight!

  2. Lori Lundquist says:

    SWEET! Loved it. Will definitely check them out further. Thanks, Lynn!

  3. Kat says:

    Aawwww. I love The Afters. They have a song that is one of the top on my playlist, but I can NEVER remember what the name of it is. I think it’s You.

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