Musical Mondays is about our favorite music. What’s your favorite song? If you’re a writer, does it inspire your creativity? Cure writer’s block? If you’re not a writer, what do your favorite songs do for you?

I found this song after hearing it on the radio.  I fell in love, not only with the vocals, but the lyrics. Natalie Grant is truly gifted.

As you listen, check the main words out.  They are so sweet:

I will stumble, I will fall down, but I will not be moved, I will make mistakes, I will face heartache, but I will not be moved.On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand, I will not be moved.

To see the full lyrics, CLICK HERE.

How amazing is that? Oh, and her voice isn’t too shabby either!


So, any songs rock your world lately?


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6 Responses to MUSICAL MONDAYS

  1. Billy Coffey says:

    It’s November, it’s cold, and the first snow has already flown. That means I’m leaning on Jimmy Buffett to get me through until Spring.

    These lyrics jumped out at me this morning:

    Some people never find it,
    Some only pretend,
    But I just want to live happily ever after
    Every now and then.

  2. Amy says:

    Not contemporary (although I listen to lots of that also), but I love writing while listening to Handel’s Messiah straight through. The libretto is from the OT and NT, and the verses are stunning when put together

  3. Kat says:

    Natalie Grant’s an inspiration. Her work — along with Sara Groves — in bringing human trafficking to the forefront of the world’s attention is admirable.

    Although, I’m not really a country music fan, I’ve been listening to a lot of Brooks & Dunn ballads lately. It helps to get me in the scene of what I’m working on.


  4. gzusfreek says:

    Mandisa (American Idol cast off) was at the WOF conference this past Saturday. What a beautiful girl. Her radiance shines from the inside out. I like the lyrics to her song: Only the World. It’s uplifting and a reminder that, what brings us down, are forces we can’t see. She does a remake of Mary Mary’s Shackles too! I love those lyrics!

    Take the shackles off my feet so I can dance
    I just wanna praise you
    (what’cha wanna do? )
    I just wanna praise you
    (yeah, yeah)
    You broke the chains now I can lift my hands

    The full lyrics are here:

    I’m a goth/hardrock/grung/metal head, but I sure do love to praise too!

    Nice N Grant song, lynn! Thank you!

  5. Avily says:

    Hey Chica!

    Thanks for sharing- music is awesome!

  6. Travis Inman says:

    This is a really hard choice for me. I think the album Michael W Smith put out, Freedom, moves me to great depths. When I hear these instrumental offerings, my mind begins to fire and I envision stories faster than I can write them down.

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