Nightmare on Elm Street

Here we are on day two of the five days of scary movies. Got a good one for you. . . . But first, here’s a glimpse of Number 5 —  Amityville Horror


Today Nightmare on Elm Street slides into the #4 position on the top five scary movies.



Okay, I watched this movie all the way through, many times. Specifically at slumber parties when I was young. Oh my word. This movie is so scary. But then again, it’s WES-FREAKING-CRAVEN, right?

What’d you think???

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16 Responses to Nightmare on Elm Street

  1. Jill W says:

    I never saw this movie…I told you, I’m a chicken! 🙂

    • Lynn Rush says:

      LOL!! That’s okay, we still love you. 🙂 It’s a scary one for sure!

      • Jill W says:

        Last night I did watch some of the original Halloween until I got too freaked out. I figured out what it is besides the music in that movie. It’s the way they move the camera around. It was creeping me out!

  2. Doesn’t Johnny Depp look totally cute in it — he’s so young! hehe

    This movie made me laugh, more than it made me scream — but it’s a classic, and I love it! The following movies in the series kinda sucked though.

    One two, Freddy’s coming for you…

  3. lbdiamond says:

    Poor Freddy–he was misunderstood. 😉

  4. sfcatty says:

    This one I only saw once- that was enough!

    • Lynn Rush says:

      LOL! Just wait as we near #1. . . there are even more scary movies out there. LOL. Halloween (the first one) was on last night. . . even with the TV version cutting out most of the really bad stuff….I still shivered. Course, I was watching it out on the patio, too, which wasn’t too bright. LOL

  5. danicaavet says:

    I only have one thing to say: fountain of blood…

  6. I hate scary movies. The boogie man is not my friend.

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