One Hit Wonder Week

We’ve reached the end of a very fun week. Walking down memory lane with you has been a blast!

For this final One Hit Wonder song, I would have to agree with VH-1 when they named it the best One Hit Wonder…..


Come on Eileen, by Dexys Midnight Runners


What was up with the overalls, no shirts beneath? Must have been a fad back then in the UK?

Any idea what the words are? I can’t make out many at all? **LOL**

Happy Friday, everyone!!

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9 Responses to One Hit Wonder Week

  1. Kay Shostak says:

    One of my favorite songs of all time! And one of the only lines that is clear is “At this moment, you mean everything.” And I think that, along with the title, makes the rest of the words academic at best.
    Found this site that not only has the lyrics but explains why they are so hard to understand.

  2. danicaavet says:

    This song is fantastic. I watch the 80’s 100 greatest 1 hit wonders every chance I get because it always gives me an idea of songs I want to download. I thought this was cool when it came out and truly, it’s one of those songs that never really ages. Great, great ending to One Hit Wonder Week, Lynn!

  3. Good stuff! Happy Friday!

  4. Ciara Knight says:

    All I got was something about a dress and the name Eileen. LOL Now why did I love that song so much in the 80’s. Never saw the video before … interesting.

  5. Love, love, love this song. I don’t get the no-shirt thing, but this has been one of my fave songs since high school!

  6. Smitty Fan says:

    No One Hit wonder this !!!!

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