It’s insecurity that is always chasing you and standing in the way of your dreams. ~Vin Diesel


“I’m not good enough.”

“Nobody will like it.”

“Maybe I’m not cut out for this.”

“I should just quit.”

Ever struggle with those kinds of thoughts? 

I know I do. 

It’s those thoughts that can drag us down. Rip our peace & happiness away. Keep us from achieving our goals.

How do you stop thinking these things? I wish I had the end all-be all answer. But one thing I can tell you: Fight them. Hard. Each and every day.

I usually fight them with exercise. Nice long runs, where I can think and pray through things, really helps.

I also talk to a few close friends. Tell them what I’m struggling with. They usually give me a good/different viewpoint. Or maybe even just a great big hug.

The main thing is to not give in. Don’t let the insecurities win.

You are stronger than you think.

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