On marathoning….

Hey, everyone, Rachel Clark here. Lynn wrote about me in Tainted Cadence. I figured I’d stand in for Lynn today since she’s out running around at the half-marathon today. 

It’s kind of fitting, actually, considering I’m a triathlete. 

Though I don’t think Lynn struggles with the whole seeing-auras-thing. It’s really distracting while trying to run a race for sure. Well, maybe she does see auras because was able to really understand me when I told her about it for her story…


Now I’ve run a *few* half-marathons in my years of racing, and there’s always one thing in common with them all:

Pre-race jitters

And yep, Lynn had them! She looked a little nervous this morning. 

When I get nervous before a race I concentrate on something soothing.   

And right now, it’s my training partner (and hopefully soon my sweetheart) Brandon Parks. 

There’s just something about his calm, rock-solid demeanor. He’s an athlete, too, so he knows just what I need to help me relax and focus.

And he’s even not squeamish to hug me when I’m all sweaty from a monster-run or workout. 

What do you guys do to stay calm when you’re freaking out about something? 


I have quite a few things that inspire me–and not just inspiring me to write either. Sure, I have a lot of those, and I mention them weekly in my This Writer’s Journey segments.

But, today, I’m mentioning someone who inspires me on a whole different level. Someone who inspires me to be a better person. A better wife. A better athlete. And yes, even a better writer.

My husband, Charlie.

Here are a couple pictures of a triathlon he did recently.

He works so hard at his sport. Without fail, he trains daily. He watches what he eats–and boy do I wish I had the dedication he does. The way that man can turn away chocolate when it’s readily available is unnatural!

I joke, but truly, he inspires me. He shows me by example what it means to be dedicated to something. To work hard for it. Earn it. Yet, he’s quick to smile and give God the credit for any success he has. He’s right, too. God has truly blessed him with a strong mind, heart and soul.

And a triathlete training for the full Ironman needs that. To make it in a 2-mile swim, 110+ mile bike ride, and 26-mile run—YIKES!

So, I thank you, Charlie, for being such a good example to me and those around you. I’m blessed to call you husband.


Who inspires you?


Top Five. . .

Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives with me this past week as we looked back at 2010. To narrow 365 days of living into the top five memorable things is difficult. I’m looking over this past year with a smile and looking forward with hope. Here’s to a great 2011, everyone.

But there’s one more day of this year left, and I’m dedicating it to the NUMBER one thing about 2010. . . . .

Charlie Boeyink


I know. You’re probably thinking I dipped into the New Year’s Eve punch bowl a bit early. . . but really, I didn’t. Most of you know Charlie & I have been married for fourteen years now, so you might be wondering how can I say he’s been the most memorable thing that happened to me this year since he’s with me every year. . .


Well, there are a few reasons:

1.  It’s my blog, I can say whatever I want. *wink*

2.  We got to travel to England and France together this past year. *Totally awesome experience!*

3.  He’s been rock-solid through my stints of unemployment, encouraging me to “find a job that made me happy.” *Thanks honey!*

4.  No one supports me more when it comes to my writing. *Tolerating all the late nights writing.*

5.  He’s found a passion of his own that rivals my passion for writing:  Triathlons.  *His dedication is inspiring.*

So there, I can say my hubby has been the best thing about 2010, because it’s true!


What’s the best thing about your year?


Throwback Thursday–Tainted Cadence Style

Hey, everyone. Rachel Clark here.

I’m glad I didn’t get to post until today. Cuz after reading about Ashley, Trinity, and Dakota, I guess I don’t feel so weird. I seriously thought I was having a psychotic break when I started seeing red auras around people who would then bleed shortly thereafter.

I mean, really? Red auras? Blood? Mutant. . .

But then Ashley with her telepathy, Trinity with her wings, and then Dakota with her electricity. . . I seem to fit right in here.

I’ve been following Lynn’s blog, back when it was called Light of Truth, for just under a year now. My favorite is Throwback Thursdays.

They’re so much fun.

A "Tank" from the late 80s

And, since I love road biking, almost as much as Lynn does, I had to bring it up here!

The bikes back in the Greg LeMond days were TANKS!

Seriously. They weighed in around 22 pounds, and that was for a good one!

Oh, but now it’s all about how light can it be.  They come in around 15 pounds. And let me tell you, when you’re going up hill. . . every pounds helps.

Nice and light in 2010

Well– not for my better half, Brandon. He’s got freakishly HUGE legs.

He zoomed by me like it was nothing that first time I met him. Then that  semi had to go and hit him—er—sort of hit him. . .

But you’ll have to wait for the book!


Okay—So, have you been getting entries into the great big giveaway? $25.00 at Barnes and Noble is a pretty sweet prize, you know?

Leave a comment here and you get an entry, but if you go over to the MY NOVELS and click  Frostbite then leave a comment, I’ll tell Lynn to put your name in the hat for that one too. So, TWO entries for today!

Time’s running out, contest ends tomorrow when David shows up on the blog to close out the week.

Can’t wait to see what a 450 year old half demon will have to say. . .