Oh man, I love Friday.  But who doesn’t, right?  So, last night, I was working on my FIRST LINE entry.  My first short story, EVER!  It’s a great contest, you should check it out:  FIRST LINE.  It’s really interesting, and challenging.  They give you the first line of your story and from there, you write, write, write!!  I hope to get that finished up by the weekend and out for edits.  

So, this morning I was putting some time in on my road bike when a group of 25+ bikers came screaming up a hill.  What a sight.  All in a tight formation and cruising at 19-20 miles an hour.  What a thing of beauty.   I did my first Metric Century up in Sedona a few months ago and thought I was going to die.  God’s beauty kept me going though, check this picture out:

Well, and after that ride, I got to eat whatever I wanted, so that’s a plus!  And yes, I’m nuts, I will be doing that one again.  Maybe even a true century some day???  

Anyway, here’s to another great Friday.  I’m sure I’ll find some more to blog about later, but for now, SEE YA!

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3 Responses to TGIF

  1. Michele says:

    You go girl! You’re a blogger now. You’re really rounding out your writing toolbox. Looking forward to reading more posts.


  2. sheriboeyink says:

    Right on, Michelle. Happy Friday, girl!!! It’s gonna be a HOT one here in the desert!!!!

  3. Jessica Bradley says:

    OOo! This “First Line” thing sounds so fun! What a great idea!

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