THEN & NOW THURSDAYS–Shelby Daniels Week

Shelby here, again. Getting sick of me yet? Only a couple more days if you are. And I’m havin’ fun with this so hopefully you are too.

So, Lynn tells me that Thursdays is something called, “Then and Now Thursdays.” Ok, I’m only nineteen years old, so the Then part would put me at, like, birth, so I’ll just try and do something interesting…

I know it’s not Monday, but I have to talk about music here. I’m really into it.


cd-picture2CDs came out before I was even born, right? Like, 1982 or something. They were sleek and looked way cool. You just slid them into your portable CD carrier and you were set!

Loved it.

8tracks18-tracks, my mom told me about those. They were, like, from the 60s or something. They were clunky-lookin’, huh?
Can we say, “Archaeic?” Ok, CDs are still used a little but….
ipodIt’s I-Pod, all the way.

These first came out when I was, like, eleven or so.

This is about the only way to go these days. I remember the first song I put on my I-Pod. It was, Get the Party Started, by Pink. Yeah, my mom wasn’t so happy.

But now, it’s mostly Christian Rock. I’ve got a few songs in mind that I’d play on a soundtrack for the Light of Truth movies that’ll surely come.

Lynn laughed until she cried when I told her about movies and soundtracks for the book. She’s, like, “Hey, God’s plan, not ours. The book may never even hit the shelves. You just never know what’s up God’s sleeve.”

Typical thing she’d say.


What’d you grow up with? 8-track? CD? I-pod? Radio only?


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6 Responses to THEN & NOW THURSDAYS–Shelby Daniels Week

  1. Kat says:

    My sisters played a Bay City Roller’s 8-track over and over again. I was only in kindergarten, but I can still remember those songs like it was yesterday.

    Oh, Marlena, who you gonna be today. Oh, Marlena, don’t you know that you’re gonna dream your life away.

    Oh, boy…guess I have my earworm for the day.

  2. Billy Coffey says:

    My first cassette tape was Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet. First CD was, I think, a Motley Crue. And the first song on my I-Pod was from Brad Paisley.

    Boy, I’ve come a long way.

  3. Shelby Daniels says:

    Kat. Boy, I’ve never heard of Bay City Roller’s. I might have to google it.

    Billy. Oh yeah, you have come a long way. I like Brad Paisley too. He’s awesome.

    Thanks for stoppin’ by.

  4. Tracy says:

    8-track, records, tapes, cd’s and now the ipod – I’ve had em all. And now my ipod holds everything from Casting Crowns, to Martina McBride, to Meatloaf, to Andrea Bocelli, to Guns n Roses, to the Carpenters, and beyond. I simply cannot listen to one type of music only. Fun stuff!

  5. gzusfreek says:

    Great post, Shelby~I remember my mom’s 8tracks. Wild Cherry, The Eagles. . .Great times. I used to make believe I was giving a rock concert on the base of the fire place 🙂

  6. hope42day says:

    Remember 8-tracks, cassettes, records-including 45s, and when CD’s came out I did not think they would last. Boy, was I wrong! Still don’t have an I-Pod.

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