This Writer’s Journey…Devin

Writing is a journey, one I truly love and enjoy, but it can sometimes feel rather lonely. Hour after hour, alone, at the computer, pouring your heart and soul into each word. But I’ve learned I’m not alone, in fact, I’ve been blessed to be in contact with some amazing people, both writers and non-writers.

I want to share a bit of that with you. Each week I’ll be spotlighting someone I’ve come in contact with during my journey. Thanks for stepping along side of me—all of you—during this exciting time!



I met Devin through church when she started volunteering in the bookstore where I now work. I’ve gotten even closer to her since she started doing my hair.

Yep, she’s responsible for the blue streaks.

Devin is an awesome person. She’s got drive, motivation, and compassion rolled up in a ball of inner and outer beauty. Only eighteen, she has a level of determination I only WISHED I’d had while in high school.

Watch out world, Devin’s coming, and she’s going to make you a better place!

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3 Responses to This Writer’s Journey…Devin

  1. It’s all about the people we meet on the journey.

  2. Kendall Grey says:

    I love how you introduce us to the people who influence you. Nice to “meet” Devin! She does rocking good hair!

  3. Devin Molinar says:

    Thank you so much!! You’re such a wonderful, kind soul that I have been truly blessed to have met and have had the privilege of working with at church. I am so glad I could do your hair, but you look fabulous always :)! Again, thank you so much because that truly meant a lot <3

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