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Writing is a journey, one I truly love and enjoy, but it can sometimes feel rather lonely. Hour after hour, alone, at the computer, pouring your heart and soul into each word. But I’ve learned I’m not alone, in fact, I’ve been blessed to be in contact with some amazing people, both writers and non-writers.

I want to share a bit of that with you. Each week I’ll be spotlighting someone I’ve come in contact with during my journey. Thanks for stepping along side of me—all of you—during this exciting time!


Now Sandy isn’t a writer or author, but knowing her has truly enriched my life. She was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer (about a month after my sweet mother in law, Lynn, died of liver cancer). With everything still so raw from Lynn’s death I wasn’t sure how I could handle going through this with my dear friend, Sandy.

The picture above is of Sandy receiving one of her chemo treatments. She’s since finished her first round of chemo and is currently in a five-week, five days per week radiation cycle. Once she’s finished with radiation, she’ll do another cycle of chemo.

What has inspired me the most is her attitude through all of this. Such a steadfast faith. She didn’t ask for this journey. Doesn’t really want it, I’m sure. Yet she remains positive. Her smile is simply dazzling, and she’s never short of an encouraging word despite the mountain she’s climbing.

I’m so glad our paths crossed. 

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7 Responses to This Writer’s Journey…Sandy

  1. Kendall Grey says:

    My thoughts are with Sandy. You are a great friend to be there for her through such a difficult time!

  2. Scarlett says:

    Thank you for sharing this story, Lynn.
    We really can learn so much from her strength and perseverance.

  3. She’d be an inspiration to anyone!

  4. Lindsay says:

    She’s in my thoughts and prayers

  5. Aww, hugs and prayers for Sandy. What an inspirational story!

  6. Lynn Rush says:

    Thanks you guys!!!!! She did GREAT today! Two more weeks of Radiation, then back to Chemo!!!!! She’s got a long road ahead of her, but she’s strong!

  7. Very sweet! It’s all of the people that we meet that really shape us, isn’t it! And, hopefully, make us better people in return.
    Thanks for sharing, Lynn, and best wishes for Sandy.


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