Throwback Thursday…Brady style

Throwing you back to the late 60s on this one. 1969 to be exact.

Remember the Brady Bunch?

…and Alice? (LOL)


I remember the episode where Marsha’s nose got broken. That one cracked me up. Or when Jan gets glasses?  I can sooo relate to that one (I totally have coke-bottle-thick glasses…got them in the 3rd grade)

Did you watch the show? Have a favorite episode? Do tell . . .


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12 Responses to Throwback Thursday…Brady style

  1. Ciara Knight says:

    Yes, I watched the show. I liked Cindy because I was the baby of the family with blond pigtails. 🙂

  2. Lol, what a funny show. Have you seen the movies? Hilarious!

  3. I watched it. Thought Peter was cute- my dad was lucky enough to sit by him on a plane once- I was so upset that I wasn’t there. LOL! Fav episode was when Davy Jones was on for Marcia’s prom- totally would never happen in real life but I loved it.

  4. danicaavet says:

    I watched it as did my sister, but other than Marsha getting her nose broken, none of the episodes stand out for me. I used to adore watching it though. I sympathized with Cindy because she was the youngest girl like I was, lol

  5. I watched a little bit of the show. It is a classic.

  6. Wouldn’t miss it. I don’t recall specific episodes though. Great show!

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