Throwback Thursday–E.T. Style

Did you know that one of the top grossing movies of the 80s was E.T.? I didn’t, but I’m not surprise. That movie was sweet.

E.T. phone home will be one of those quotes that I’ll never forget.

What was your favorite part?

I remember when ET got drunk on accident. Elliott burping and stuff during school.

Back then, that was freaking hilarious.

Ahhh, the memories.

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19 Responses to Throwback Thursday–E.T. Style

  1. Jill W says:

    Ack! I’ve never seen the movie in it’s entirety, just bits and pieces over the years. I did love E.T.’s voice. Happy Thursday!

  2. I liked the part where ET was hiding in the closet surrounded by toys, lol!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen this movie. How sad is that.

  4. danicaavet says:

    I adore this movie and I cry every single time I see it, even as an adult. My favorite part was when he was spooked by Drew’s character and ran screaming around the room. I laugh and laugh at that part. Great throwback! I now have to see if I have it at home.

  5. I like the scene where ET was hidden in the closet. Too cute!

  6. Ciara Knight says:

    Okay, I shouldn’t share this but we are all friends here, right? LOL

    My first indoor movie date was in 6th grade to see E. T. I came home and told my parents I never wanted to go on a date again, because the boy stood up on in the middle of the movie and yelled, “Run ET, Run!!” I was mortified to say the least. šŸ™‚

    Loved the movie, though.

  7. Such a classic movie…..

  8. Sharon Jones says:

    “I’m keeping him.”

    and, the scene where the boys bicycles take flight!

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