Throwback Thursday…True Colors

So, it seems the Sappy Movie Quotes I posted yesterday put me in a mood, because I’m throwing you back to the 80s with a sappy song. . .

I was pretty young when this came out, but something about it really struck me.

Mostly because it talks about being able to show your true self to someone…and they’ll still stick by you.

These are my favorite lyrics:

So don’t be afraid to let them show

Your true colors

True colors are beautiful

Like a rainbow...


True Colors, by Cyndi Lauper


Easier said than done, sometimes…

Because when my true colors come out, it usually means there’s trouble nearby….

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10 Responses to Throwback Thursday…True Colors

  1. danicaavet says:

    You know how much I enjoy my heavy metal, but every time I hear this song, I have to sing along. It’s truly a beautiful song with so much meaning! Great Throwback Thursday, Lynn. Now I’m going to be singing it all day long 🙂

    • EMMA MARTIN says:

      Hey, Danica. Thanks for coming by. Yeah, Lynn said you are into the heavy metal. I went to a few of your past posts…NICE!! You have a great blog!!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Never was a Cyndi Lauper fan so I don’t know the song

  3. Donna Patton says:

    I remember this song – wasn’t it used on a Kodak commercial? Somehow, the 80’s doesn’t seem so long ago and far away. I was in my 20’s!

    • EMMA MARTIN says:

      LOL!!! I wasn’t even born in the 80s, technically. But super close! I just love this song, though.

  4. YES, it’s a sing–along must. Like walking through a department store or waiting in the dentist office lobby… Somehow, I still know every word! Happy Thursday, Lynn & Emma! 🙂

  5. Always loved her and this song is great.

  6. Ciara Knight says:

    I’ve always loved this song.

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