Throwback Thursday…Zumba Pants

Okay, so this past weekend I was watching VH-1 Classic. They brought up Zumba pants and I ’bout fell off the couch laughing.

Remember these?

Admit it. You owned a pair….or two

Oh, dear….

Happy Throwback Thursday, everyone!

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6 Responses to Throwback Thursday…Zumba Pants

  1. Brinda says:

    I’m so happy to say that I never had a pair. I cannot imagine that they were flattering even then. I wonder what we’ll regret in the years down the road from this year’s closet. Maybe the skinny jean. 🙂

  2. Ciara Knight says:

    I never owned a pair. 🙂 I knew many guys who did. Looking back it was pretty hilarious. The 80’s were so unique. LOL

  3. Kendall Grey says:

    HIDEOUS! Absolutely hideous! They were then and they are now. GAH!

    • Kat Heckenbach says:

      I’m dying!

      I worked at Sports Authority back when these were popular and all the guys that worked there wore them–and not just because Sp. Auth. sold them :). It was like some kind of sign to the world that they worked out :P.


  4. Crime against fashion….You still see people wearing them….lol

  5. Lindsay says:

    I never had them either. They always made my butt look big.

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