Throwback Thursdays

This one is going way back. . .

But I can’t leave out The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour!

I found a snippet on You Tube. . .

The famous

“I Got You Babe” song.

I’ve always liked Cher’s voice. . .it’s so unique.

But Sonny’s — not so much

Gotta love it!



4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays

  1. Kat—Jessie James is good! Yeah, I wonder about that matching clothes-thing. . . .
    KM—Barely old enough. . . mostly remember it cuz of VH-1 Classics. LOL!
    Lorna—Oh my, indeed.

  2. My favorite Cher song: Just Like Jesse James.

    The color-coordinated outfits in this video make me wonder about their wardrobe coordinator. Was he (or she) required to make their outfits match?

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