E is for Eurythmics…

Okay. I promise not all musicians I pick this month will be from the 80s. But I just HAD to put the Eurythmics on the list. I mean, how cool are they? 

And Annie–what a…unique character, huh? 

Did you know Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox were married? Leave it to my sweet hubby to have that bit of music trivia tucked away in his brain. 

Musical Mondays–Guest Blogger

Hey there. Charlie here.

When I was asked to pick the song for this week I couldn’t resist picking “Here Comes the Rain Again.”  Not only do I think this is a pretty good song, but it was fitting for us living in Phoenix this week.

Boy did it rain!

I think total rainfall this week hit several inches  (unheard of in the Valley of the Sun).   It was strange.  Rivers actually had water in them?

Never thought I would see it.

The Eurythmics (Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox) were quirky but they made good music and were very groundbreaking for the music video era.  Enjoy the song as we try to get back to desert living in the Valley.   Peace.