Scary Stories

Time for a contest!

Get your horror stories ready.

I know it’s not Halloween, but I’m in the mood to read something spooky.

So here’s the contest.

Write a super-scary, short story (up to 500 words) and post it in the comments here.

***BUT here’s the twist***

These three words—Pony, Rainbow, Teddy Bear—must be somewhere in the story.

Post it directly in the comments here and the one that scares me the most WINS a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

Yep, I know, the judging is totally subjective, but it’s my blog, right? LOL. No, seriously, the one that scares me the most will win. If I can’t decide, maybe I’ll have two winners….you just never know. . .

You have until Wednesday March 17th to post your short story. I’ll announce the winner on Saturday March 20th.



I better share some little disclaimers: This contest is totally voluntary and totally just for fun. I am the sole judge. One entry per person. The $10 Barnes and Noble gift card prize was not provided to me by Barnes and Noble, nor do I endorse that bookstore over any other–I just happen to like it. I’m just doing this for the fun of it.