G is for The Go-Gos

Our Lips Are Sealed.

Okay, you have to admit, even if you’re not an 80s fan, these videos have to make you at least chuckle, right?

Soooo different from those played today, huh? I was going to play Lady Gaga for G, but I couldn’t find a video I liked. Call me crazy, but I like them simple. I know, I’m just lame. LOL!

I mean, the song is less than three minutes long. And they’re just driving around and splashing in a fountain. LOL. Gotta love it.

Happy Saturday, my friends. Hope you have a SUPER WEEKEND!!

Throwback Thursdays


Hey, do you remember the Go-Go‘s?

So, they formed their group in 1978, but really got known around 1981.

I remember that funny cover of them skiing. . . remember that?

And they were considered New Wave???

Remember We got the Beat? I liked Our Lips are Sealed. What was your fav?