Honored and humbled

Wow, I just have to say thank you to everyone for the support you all gave me this week. When I revealed the Wasteland cover on Tuesday, I received so many notes of encouragement. Over Twitter, Facebook, Email, the Blog, and even personal emails.

This has been such a fantastic journey. I’m thankful for you all.

Click image to get to Wasteland on Goodreads

Something else fun happened that day. Wasteland showed up on Goodreads!  I’ve been on Goodreads since October of 2010, so I’ve seen my favorite authors have their pages, and I’ve clicked “become a fan” on their sites, marked their books “To Read”….but when I saw MINE up there.

****And even MORE fun…okay, not more, but equally as fun? Wasteland is up for Best Covers 2011 on Goodreads. COME VOTE for Wasteland! (CLICK HERE to go to the voting list.)

Holy moly. It’s been a whirlwind week.

Anyway. Just had to say thank you to you all! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

Four Word Interview

Hey, everyone, Emma Martin here. Remember when I was on the blog that one time…okay, I’ve been on this blog a lot, but this one time, I did a four word interview?

Yeah, well, I thought it might be time to make an appearance again to interview someone.

And not Lynn.

She’s actually pretty boring **no offense**

Instead, I found someone else a tad more interesting….

A good friend of Lynn’s, Ciara Knight, has this pretty interesting character, Gabriella Moore. So, I asked my people to ask her people, and voilà…here she is:

Emma Martin: Favorite time of day . . .

Gabriella Moore: Sunrise, because nightmares end.


EM:   Fondest childhood memory is . . .

GM: Anything before mom’s death.


EM:   Favorite food to eat . . .

GB: *blushes* Picnic food with Alex.


EM:  If granted one wish. . .

GB:  Preventing Mom’s death. Wait, saving Alex’s soul. Ugh. Can’t decide. Not fair….


Okay, she got a little riled up there a second, so I allotted a few more words on that last one.

It’s tough answering in only four words, isn’t it?

Thanks, Gaby. It was nice meeting you. Get ready, everyone. Gaby’s story is coming to print March 2012!

Blog Tour Winners….

It was a fantastic blog tour with Crescent Moon Press and my fellow authors. Head on over to CMP’s blog to find out if you’re the grand prize winner if you haven’t already.


But today, I wanted to announce the winner of David’s day on the blog tour. You guys really made him feel welcome with all your comments and entries. He’s not real fond of technology, but you warmed him up to it with all your participation.

So, the winner of the Fit In Anywhere Pack is……

Stephanie Van Winkle


Contact me with your mailing addy (lynnrush@cox.net) and I’ll ship this prize off to you asap.


Wasteland will be released September 2011, so stay tuned to the blog, Facebook, and Twitter for many more contests and announcements as we near release day.

Starbucks, Nooks, & Kindles. . .


Welcome to Day TWO of the Crescent Moon Press blog tour. I’m David. Lynn writes about me in Wasteland, which is soon to be released by Crescent Moon Press.

Be sure to visit all the author blogs and websites on May 24th, 25th & 26th.  Each has a quest for great prizes and a chance at the final Grand Prize: 
A Kindle or Nook (your choice) filled with a dozen books from Crescent Moon Press!

I have not encountered one of these devices called a Nook or Kindle yet, but I understand they are quite popular. If I only had time to relax and read a book…too busy searching for my Mark, Jessica Hanks.

Onto the quest …..

Today’s prize is my Fit In Anywhere Pack:

Starbucks Gift Card

Baseball cap



People magazine

Being over four hundred years old and having just been released from a long spell in sensory deprivation, I didn’t understand the first thing about fitting into this strange era. This little Fit In Anywhere Pack helped, so I figured I would share it. . .

Here’s how to enter

1.  Email Lynn (lynnrush@cox.net) the answer to this question:  How long was I in sensory deprivation? Here’s a hint –>The answer is HERE. **don’t leave the answer in the comments** Doing this earns you one entry in the grand prize drawing and one entry in today’s drawing.

2.  For an additional TWO entries into today’s drawing, click HERE and “like” the Crescent Moon Press Facebook page.

3.  For an additional THREE entries into today’s drawing, leave a comment here telling me what your favorite Starbucks drink is.

Now, onto your next stop with Rachel Firasek


I will draw the winner tonight and post it in the comments by tomorow, so you might want to choose the subscribe to comments or remember to check back to see if you’re the winner.

Best of luck on all the quests.