clipped-radish-imageCLIPPED (Winged Trilogy #2), by Lynn Rush
Available exclusively on RADISH FICTION under @LynnRushWrites
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After defeating her crazed fiancé, Trinity and her human love, Jayden, are finally enjoying a quiet life at his isolated cabin as she learns how to exist on Earth despite having no memory and wings. But when Jayden’s artistic success brings them to New York, they unknowingly stumble into a city plagued with greedy scientists bent on exploiting unique creatures, like Trinity.

It’s no longer trivial issues, like learning how to use a cell phone, challenging Trinity’s ability to fit in on Earth. Instead, she’s caught in the middle of an interstellar battle between humans and other aliens like herself.

She’ll need to tap into the Bolentian Guard instincts buried deep within her fractured memories or lose everything she’s come to love.

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